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Factors and Elements That Will Hurt Your SEO Campaign

June 18, 2014

One of the reasons why you should hire an SEO company to do search engine optimisation work for you is mainly because you might be doing it wrong. The whole process is affected by a number of factors, including your website's design, content and off-page links. If one of these elements is poorly don…

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SEO, PPC and the Current Trends

May 19, 2014

Search engine optimization and pay-per-click or PPC marketing has taken the Internet by storm, with them being an effective way to promote websites and products on the Internet. Having said that, if your website was newly created and hasn't established a good consumer base, PPC marketing is your primary option, and later on, SEO. Although there are a lot of methods to make them a lot more effective, using current trends and events is one of the best ways to do so. Here are some tips and guidelines:

Do constant keyword research

PPC managementIn SEO and PPC marketing, keyword research is probably the most important thing you should learn, next to the basics. Your primary tool to effectively do so with Google's Adwords tool. This allows you to see how many search queries a keyword gets every month. That said, what may be trending in July may not be trending in August, so remember to constantly check AdWords to see users' search queries.

The seasons

PPC marketing and SEO requires that you should be up-to-date with the current happenings. In relation to the paragraph before this, the trending search queries constantly change – what may be trending in May won't trend in September. Here's a sample situation:

“Janus owns a sports apparel and clothes store in downtown London. He also takes online orders and ships his products throughout Great Britain. He has established a good online presence through PPC, primarily through taking advantage of the seasons – something his competitors fail to do. In preparation for summer, he's putting up online swimwear ads, given that it generated thousands of searches in April – a signal that everyone's preparing for summer as well. In August, he's also planning to put up sweater and jacket ads online, given that people will certainly be preparing for autumn and winter by that time.”

Janus uses the seasons as a basis to choose which products to market. Remember, no one search for sweaters before summer and people won't look for bathing suits right before winter!

The holidays and events

A month before Mother's day, you might have searched for chocolates and flowers online and found numerous ads pertaining to those products. Those ads may have contained“Purchase Mother's day gifts here! Free shipping anywhere around England”. You'll find the same type of ads on Christmas, New Years, St. Patrick's Day and any other holiday.

Aside from holidays, there may be special events that you can take advantage of, like the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Let's say that you own a travel agency, and you're putting up travel ads to Brazil, a few months before the World Cup. This will certainly generate huge traffic to your website and numerous customers. Although people rarely search for specific keywords, the special events like these will make users search for specifics, leading them to you.

Taking advantage of the current trends in your PPC marketing and SEO campaign is highly effective, especially if you own an e-commerce website. Do all of which and wait for the customers – and cash – to flow!

How to Make Your E-Commerce Site Usable

April 7, 2014

E-commerce mainly involves transacting and selling a lot of products online and doing so effectively can easily be done through affordable web design. Let's assume that you already have effective search engine optimization-oriented content on your website, yet your web design seems to be a problem – a lot of users are complaining about the usability and functionality of your website. Remember, if your design is horrible and you lack certain elements, your sales and profits will surely suffer. So, what must be done in order to fix or prevent this from happening? Here are some tips and procedures:

Insert a search bar

Any respectable and affordable web design company designing an e-commerce website will always put a search bar – if necessary and if the inventory contains hundreds of products. Having said that, this isn't usually an imperative, but it will surely help. Even if your navigation system is impeccably designed and epitomizes user-friendliness, sometimes, for some users, the search bar IS the navigation system. Be sure to put one on your site, especially since some users may be looking for something so specific!

Website design

Insert easy-to-read and detailed product descriptions

Quality and affordable web design companies will always lay out pieces of information in a neat and easy-to-read manner, in order to make it convenient for users. Having said that, product descriptions are highly important in e-commerce – each product should have a page specially dedicated to explaining what it is all about. Put in all of the specifics of the product, along with the price, weight, height, make up – EVERYTHING. Remember, if a user is unable to find information regarding the product, he might look elsewhere – like your competitors' websites for example.

Product images

When shopping, you always examine a product from top to bottom. In designing your e-commerce website, be sure to put high quality images of the product. Here are some guidelines:

  • First off, ensure that your products have their own page. After which, present photos of the product to your users. Leave no area or angle unturned, especially if you're selling clothes, accessories and used cars. 
  • No edits. Be sure that the product on the pictures is exactly the same as the one you're selling. Keep it real and don't beautify what you're selling. 
  • Use thumbnails in the inventory selection page and make the images larger on the product description page. Be sure that the file sizes are not too large as it will certainly affect your website's performance, particularly the loading speeds.

Checking out!

Completing your customer's purchases should be compressed in one page. ONE PAGE. Don't let them go through multiple steps or pages – put everything they need in ONE page. Their credit card numbers, delivery address, phone numbers, e-mail address and all other forms of required information should be in a single only. Transactions should be fast – just the way users love it.

Designing e-commerce websites is a bit similar to other sites – straightforward, easy to use and functional. Aside from the above mentioned aspects, remember to enhance your website's security, and always keep an open line of communication. Display your phone numbers, customer support and other forms of contact information. This can also be done through social media.

Tips in Creating Effective SEO Web Content

March 13, 2014

Creating Effective SEO Web Content

Search engine optimization or SEO experts would tell you that both your on-site and off-site content are the most important factors in determining your SEO campaign. “Web content” is a vague term, and it applies to EVERYTHING found on the web. However, we'll focus on the most important types of co…

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Protective Measures Your Website Must Have

February 26, 2014

Measures Your Website Must Have

Website security nowadays is a big deal, simply because malicious software and a ton of other threats that could hamper your site's operations. Remember, websites are the online version of the company or business – having it breached by viruses, worms or hackers is like having a group of robbers s…

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What a Reputable SEO Company Will Say and Provide

January 29, 2014

Reputable SEO Company

Looking for the right SEO services or company to work for you nowadays is like looking for a needle on a haystack. Companies that are best are your only option, and finding their names on the directories and search engines may prove difficult. Popularizing and promoting your brand through SEO is certainly one of the most effective ways in doing so, but in order to fully yield the fruit of your investment and efforts, you need a reputable SEO expert and company to help you out. Having said that, here are what reputable SEO companies will tell and give you if you are looking to hire them:

                                We do not guarantee that your website will rank in a particular time frame.

Sadly however, most entrepreneurs who have minimal knowledge regarding the facets of SEO always fall for companies that promise a number one ranking in a few weeks. Reputable SEO companies know how search engines work, their algorithms and the way the time frame wherein the update the rankings. Remember, they only thing predictable about search engines is their unpredictability – rankings are highly unpredictable and are determined by a lot of factors, so reputable SEO companies know not to make predictions and promises. However, what they can promise are RESULTS, which inevitably show up on their reports.

Reputable SEO Company


A reputable SEO company will always show a portfolio

A good SEO company is PROUD. Not in an arrogant way, but PROUD of showing what they have accomplished and done for their former clients to potential future ones. Basically, it contains:

  • Testimonials from former clients about how much their websites and businesses evolved since the SEO company handled them.
  • A list of websites that they worked on that successfully made attained its desired results – you never know, you might have visited these sites before.
  • Look at the testimonials: they will tell you how the company submitted results and communicated with the clients

Checking a portfolio will give you a sneak preview of how a company operates and handles their clients.

Honest answers to all of your questions

Though honesty in business will not always yield profitable results (who puts up honest, ethical advertisements anyway?), but in the case of SEO companies, they HAVE to be honest and open to answering all of your question. A sign of a good SEO expert and company is their openness and ability to answer even non-SEO related questions. They should be able to make realistic and honest promises as well. No secrets, pure transparency regarding their methods.

                                                                                       “We provide other services as well.

A good SEO company provides a whole load of other services apart from SEO. These include web design, web development and boosting your social media presence – an important factor in popularizing your brand and business.

Overall, remember that ONLY the RIGHT SEO expert and company are the only ones that can give you desired results. Also remember to choose SEO companies that have been in the business for years: these are the only establishments that have managed to adapt to the changes brought forth by the search engines.

Web Design: What's True and What's Not?

January 7, 2014

What you think about web design or its impact on your business could be either true or just the opposite. Good if it's the former for you can be confident that what you believe in can also serve as basis in employing the appropriate methods or strategies. But if it's the latter case, you surely need…

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Incorporating SEO Tactics in Web Design

January 2, 2014

Incorporating SEO Tactics in Web Design

Every SEO London expert would tell you to always introduce SEO (search engine optimization) tactics in your website's design. Other experts, whether in online marketing and in web design, would certainly say so as well. Web design, along with the software designing it and the hardware viewing it, is constantly changing and evolving for the better, which is why the tactics you are incorporating should be susceptible and open to changes. That said, what are these strategies and other things that you should know about?

First off, why resort to SEO-oriented web design?

Optimizing your website for search engines is very vital nowadays. This is so because of the following reasons:

  • High rankings in search engines like Google and Bing pose a number of benefits. These include the increase in traffic and constant exposure to large audiences. Consider SEO a better alternative to advertising.
  • A search engine optimization oriented web design is also a user-oriented design. Search engines formulate and employ algorithms in order to determine the quality of content and other SEO-affecting factors in websites. Back in the day, SEO was all about keyword density and stuffing, and nowadays, it is all about the content. The most recent algorithm of Google is the Hummingbird
  • Aside from bringing traffic to your site, SEO is capable of a number of other things which is certainly at your website – or business' – best interests.

Use of keywords

Every SEO London expert will certainly dissuade you to not resort to constant keyword stuffing, given that it will certainly penalize your website. Penalties include the lowering of your website's rank in the search results pages and even not showing your site on it. The procedure might have worked in the early age of search engines, but it certainly would not work now. Putting in a keyword every 100 words would definitely be ok. Remember though that in putting it, make sure that it seams flawlessly with the whole sentence and the words around it.

A structured design

An SEO London expert would definitely tell you that an organized and structured web design is certainly tantamount to an increase in search engine rankings. Not only is it friendly to Google and Bing, it is also pleasing to the eyes of the visitors and users. We cannot stress this enough – SEO design is equivalent to a user-oriented design. In constructing a page, make sure to go with what has been proven effective. Never try to revamp or recreate a design yourself – it will certainly lead to unwanted consequences.

Images and URL

Images play a vital role in search engine optimization and web design. In this case, images should be small – not in physical size, but in file size. It should be at least less than 100 KB, so as to not interfere and hinder loading times. Large and high definition images will only hurt your site, given that it slows it down. Also be sure that it is armed with proper captions. As for the URL of your individual pages, ensure that everything is readable. Having a URL like .com/345348=09 won't cut it, instead, make it like this: .com/catalog/product1. This will make it easy for users to type in the address bar and for search engine bots to crawl all over it.

What Do Experts Says About Web Designs?

December 3, 2013

Web design world is constantly evolving. New techniques and technology are emerging every year which sometimes make things difficult to adapt. However, no matter how fast changes in the on line world can be, it is important that you won't fall behind the latest web design trends. In order to stay on…

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Factors to Consider in Choosing a Web Design Company

November 13, 2013

Choosing a Web Design Company

In order to reap the rewards of having a professional website design, you need to be able to avail the services of a tested, proven, dedicated and results-oriented web design company. There are definitely a number of choices out there, considering the fact that the rise of the Internet and social …

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Profitable Benefits of Having Professional Website Design

October 29, 2013

Web designWithout benefits or rewards to look forward, there is no point initiating or completing a particular project like Small Business web design. Doing so would only lead to unnecessary expenditure plus wastage of time and effort among the worse consequences to expect. You do not wish to encounter these …

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Essential Matters to Check when Looking for a Web Designer

October 18, 2013

Web DesignerA website is an online extension of your business and should, therefore, not to be taken as a simple     job to be created or improved by amateur designers or Web Design Company. If you do so, that could pose threat not just on the impression it could give to the visitors but in the overall security…

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