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Web Design: What's True and What's Not?

What you think about web design or its impact on your business could be either true or just the opposite. Good if it's the former for you can be confident that what you believe in can also serve as basis in employing the appropriate methods or strategies. But if it's the latter case, you surely need to get enlightened as early as now for your misconceptions might also lead you to the wrong end – you fail to achieve your business goals. It's undeniably a threat which is supposed to be not there if only you have adequate know-how on this subject matter. Anyway, there are a lot of factors that could explain why many have been beguiled by wrong beliefs or presumptions; just avoid counting yourself “in” by getting clarified on these typical misconceptions:

Website and Web design

Prospects Visit when the Site is Already Operative

Having a well-built or -designed website does not necessarily mean getting instant traffic, although such is one essential element to establish first. That's primarily because traffic is earned out of the SEO strategies you employ; just make sure that it naturally comes from the search engine as that's one indication that your site is searchable. But if ever you're having difficult time increasing the traffic and ranking of your website, the recourse is seeking assistance from an SEO specialist.

It's All about Traffic

No. It's not just about traffic or search engine optimization ranking because what comes back to you after building a website and employing strategies is the real basis or measure of success. Meaning, if you're able to gain higher revenue, retain loyal clients, and the progress is consistent, you are on the right track. The most important thing then is leading the users down to the conversation funnel and generating sales – that's achievable if your website is engaging. You can have that by promoting such in social networks and ensuring that your contents do answer the needs of your prospects.

Appearance is Equal to Best Result

It's similar to saying that the form is equally valuable to the substance. Although true in some cases, but in web designing, what's beautiful is not always what's useful. The point is: having attractive website does not assure of getting the best result. There are many other factors which affect the outcome of your marketing or SEO newcastle efforts. Anyway, you can accomplish your goals if you focus on functionality of the website – on how it serves the purposes, not how you look at it in your own perspective. Nevertheless, if you can balance both the attractive appearance and ideal function, then that's even better.

Branding is Futile

Somebody saying this is probably just kidding, or just lack knowledge about marketing. For all you know, branding for search engine optimizers is a requisite in establishing the desired identity of website or your businesses. It comprises your logo, color scheme, tag line, etc.; and with which that differentiation is possible – particularly relating to what makes your product or identity different from your competitors in the same industry. Likewise, it aids for better recall of your business; consumers can easily remember the brand just by seeing the symbols you use.

Is it true or not? Well, you might agree with some items and question the rest, but then what matters here is that you have clarified the erroneous presumptions about web design.


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