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Tips in Creating Effective SEO Web Content

Creating Effective SEO Web Content

Search engine optimization or SEO experts would tell you that both your on-site and off-site content are the most important factors in determining your SEO campaign. “Web content” is a vague term, and it applies to EVERYTHING found on the web. However, we'll focus on the most important types of content in SEO, which are your text-based content like blog posts, product and site descriptions and everything in between. Creating web content isn't all about creativity and sophistication – it is all about making it effective. How?


SEO experts would tell you to make use of keywords in your site content, even if their impact nowadays isn't as strong like in the past. Basically, it is defined as a particular word or phrase that describes the content of a web page. These words are also commonly typed in search engines, like Google, and they are tasked to provide users and search engines an idea of what your website is all about. Putting in keywords about the purpose and subject matter of your website is pretty important in order to tell both users and search engines what the purpose of your website is. Here are some reminders in choosing and using keywords:

  • Research. Choose the best keywords – the ones that people usually search for in search engines – for your business. It is recommended to use Google's AdWords tool.
  • Pick ones relevant to your business. Of course, you wouldn't make “cheap venison” your keyword if you're actually selling football memorabilia right?
  • Simplify keywords. Let's say that your website is providing rhinitis or sinus inflammation remedies. Instead of using the latter as a keyword, use the former instead, given that it has more average monthly searches, thus more chances of your website getting visible.

Keep everything simple and straightforward

Although creativity is not discouraged, SEO experts highly recommended to avoid it and sophistication as well. Why? Remember, in writing web content, you're not aiming to impress a vocabulary or language professor – you're trying to market yourself and your products. Avoid the use of jargon and complicated words, unless if your target audience is specified. If you own an e-commerce site, remember to always ensure that your target audience can understand what you're talking about.

Update your content

SEO experts would always tell you to update your blog posts and other pieces of content on a regular basis. Be sure to put new blog posts at least once a week, and try to IMMEDIATELY spread the word if you have new products, offers and services. That said, always try to write content that is fresh and related to the current events. For example, let's say that you're running a veterinary website. Since it's springtime, it is advisable to write stuff about the problems cats and dogs face during this time of the year.

Write for users, not search engines

Perhaps one of the most important pieces of advice an SEO expert would tell you, writing for users is a must. Why? Well, you're not exactly selling your products to a search engine algorithm right? Never spam keywords, as the result is as fatal as malware destroying your website. As mentioned previously, keep it simple, readable and organized.

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