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SEO, PPC and the Current Trends

Search engine optimization and pay-per-click or PPC marketing has taken the Internet by storm, with them being an effective way to promote websites and products on the Internet. Having said that, if your website was newly created and hasn't established a good consumer base, PPC marketing is your primary option, and later on, SEO. Although there are a lot of methods to make them a lot more effective, using current trends and events is one of the best ways to do so. Here are some tips and guidelines:

Do constant keyword research

PPC managementIn SEO and PPC marketing, keyword research is probably the most important thing you should learn, next to the basics. Your primary tool to effectively do so with Google's Adwords tool. This allows you to see how many search queries a keyword gets every month. That said, what may be trending in July may not be trending in August, so remember to constantly check AdWords to see users' search queries.

The seasons

PPC marketing and SEO requires that you should be up-to-date with the current happenings. In relation to the paragraph before this, the trending search queries constantly change – what may be trending in May won't trend in September. Here's a sample situation:

“Janus owns a sports apparel and clothes store in downtown London. He also takes online orders and ships his products throughout Great Britain. He has established a good online presence through PPC, primarily through taking advantage of the seasons – something his competitors fail to do. In preparation for summer, he's putting up online swimwear ads, given that it generated thousands of searches in April – a signal that everyone's preparing for summer as well. In August, he's also planning to put up sweater and jacket ads online, given that people will certainly be preparing for autumn and winter by that time.”

Janus uses the seasons as a basis to choose which products to market. Remember, no one search for sweaters before summer and people won't look for bathing suits right before winter!

The holidays and events

A month before Mother's day, you might have searched for chocolates and flowers online and found numerous ads pertaining to those products. Those ads may have contained“Purchase Mother's day gifts here! Free shipping anywhere around England”. You'll find the same type of ads on Christmas, New Years, St. Patrick's Day and any other holiday.

Aside from holidays, there may be special events that you can take advantage of, like the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Let's say that you own a travel agency, and you're putting up travel ads to Brazil, a few months before the World Cup. This will certainly generate huge traffic to your website and numerous customers. Although people rarely search for specific keywords, the special events like these will make users search for specifics, leading them to you.

Taking advantage of the current trends in your PPC marketing and SEO campaign is highly effective, especially if you own an e-commerce website. Do all of which and wait for the customers – and cash – to flow!

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