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How to Make Your E-Commerce Site Usable

E-commerce mainly involves transacting and selling a lot of products online and doing so effectively can easily be done through affordable web design. Let's assume that you already have effective search engine optimization-oriented content on your website, yet your web design seems to be a problem – a lot of users are complaining about the usability and functionality of your website. Remember, if your design is horrible and you lack certain elements, your sales and profits will surely suffer. So, what must be done in order to fix or prevent this from happening? Here are some tips and procedures:

Insert a search bar

Any respectable and affordable web design company designing an e-commerce website will always put a search bar – if necessary and if the inventory contains hundreds of products. Having said that, this isn't usually an imperative, but it will surely help. Even if your navigation system is impeccably designed and epitomizes user-friendliness, sometimes, for some users, the search bar IS the navigation system. Be sure to put one on your site, especially since some users may be looking for something so specific!

Website design

Insert easy-to-read and detailed product descriptions

Quality and affordable web design companies will always lay out pieces of information in a neat and easy-to-read manner, in order to make it convenient for users. Having said that, product descriptions are highly important in e-commerce – each product should have a page specially dedicated to explaining what it is all about. Put in all of the specifics of the product, along with the price, weight, height, make up – EVERYTHING. Remember, if a user is unable to find information regarding the product, he might look elsewhere – like your competitors' websites for example.

Product images

When shopping, you always examine a product from top to bottom. In designing your e-commerce website, be sure to put high quality images of the product. Here are some guidelines:

  • First off, ensure that your products have their own page. After which, present photos of the product to your users. Leave no area or angle unturned, especially if you're selling clothes, accessories and used cars. 
  • No edits. Be sure that the product on the pictures is exactly the same as the one you're selling. Keep it real and don't beautify what you're selling. 
  • Use thumbnails in the inventory selection page and make the images larger on the product description page. Be sure that the file sizes are not too large as it will certainly affect your website's performance, particularly the loading speeds.

Checking out!

Completing your customer's purchases should be compressed in one page. ONE PAGE. Don't let them go through multiple steps or pages – put everything they need in ONE page. Their credit card numbers, delivery address, phone numbers, e-mail address and all other forms of required information should be in a single only. Transactions should be fast – just the way users love it.

Designing e-commerce websites is a bit similar to other sites – straightforward, easy to use and functional. Aside from the above mentioned aspects, remember to enhance your website's security, and always keep an open line of communication. Display your phone numbers, customer support and other forms of contact information. This can also be done through social media.

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