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Factors and Elements That Will Hurt Your SEO Campaign

One of the reasons why you should hire an SEO company to do search engine optimisation work for you is mainly because you might be doing it wrong. The whole process is affected by a number of factors, including your website's design, content and off-page links. If one of these elements is poorly done, then you're probably going to have a tough time ranking well in search engines, particularly Google. So, if you have any of the following, be sure to work on them as soon as possible.

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Subpar, irrelevant and keyword stuffed content

If you hired a reputable SEO company, then you certainly wouldn't be facing this problem in the long run. In creating your website's content, regardless if it's a blog entry, numerous product descriptions or your company profile, ensure that your content does not fit the following categories:

  • Subpar and poor quality – you content does not have to be written by Shakespeare or Mark Twain to be of good quality. Pieces should only have correct grammar, good command of the language and be understandable.
  • Irrelevant – whatever you're posting on your website, it should tackle relevant subject matter. For example, if your website is purely about search marketing and web design, putting a blog entry about chocolate chip cookies will get you nowhere.
  • Keyword-stuffed – content that has a high density of keywords will definitely earn the ire of both users and search engines. Placing a keyword every sentence will garner a good penalty – and will make your content seem like a jumbled heap of jigsaw puzzles.

Changing domains and a whole website makeover

Whatever your reasons, there may come a time that you'll have to face the prospect of changing your domain, website structure and in the process, redesign everything. A lot of websites nowadays are actually experiencing unstable rankings, due to improving their web design. Although a new and improved web design will certainly work wonders for your site, be sure to have a backup plan when the rankings suddenly drop. This is currently happening to websites switching to responsive and flat web designs, in order to meet the demands of the current trends.

Changing domains, like to .com or .net, will only have minimal effects, but the risk is still there. However, going over a new leaf and changing your website's name will certainly reduce traffic and search rankings drastically.

User-unfriendly design and content organization

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In all types of websites, organization is always the key to make everything convenient to users. Everything, including the text, images and just about everything should be arranged in an orderly manner, while the white space should be used effectively. Do not innovate or get creative: just go with what has been proven effective. Having said that, a disorganized design will surely turn off most users. They would rather go and search for better-looking websites than dig through a whole pile of jumbled content.

Overall, there are a lot of elements and factors that will surely affect your SEO campaign. Make sure not to commit the above mentioned mistakes, especially if you want your website to succeed in the long run!

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